Tech A - Mechatronic
This was a course in structural ingenuity, from learning the math behind why metals bend, and their material properties, to learning the fundamentals of how to control sensory input by way of an Arduino - We used those skills to solve tangible problems, both in theory and in practice. 
Rotatary Chicken
Plan, Sketch and Construction
Gutting it with electronics
Time to try it out
Panning Solar Panel
Automatic Chicken Door
Robot Artist
While our group worked on the Automatic Chicken Door, one of the other groups were having trouble with their software implementation. They came up with the great Idea of making a robot that could draw on Blackboards for you. 
However they couldn't get the software to work, motors were spinning fine, but the mapping was way off. - So they asked me for help and together we found the solution, you can see our result on the right :)

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