Neither my job at Eseebase A/S, nor my role as a teacher or my hobby for programming, has ever involved solving coding problems based around a time limit. I have never had to do a coding problem where I was forced to pick between the efficient solution or the naïve solution within a small time frame. As such I wanted to prepare for my coding interview based problems, by solving problems on the very same platform. All of this was done during a livestream I did, where my core focus was to improve my ability to pick between getting a working solution or an efficient one. You can find it bellow, however the audio has minor issues until 04:42:26 :)
During the stream I solved Cyclic Rotation, Odd Occurrences in Array, FrogJmp, Perm Missing Elem, Tape Equilibrium, Frog River One, Max Counters, Missing Intenger, Perm Check, Count Div, MinAbsSum, and Number Solitaire. With a 100% score for both correctness, and performance, for all but one of the problems.
Benchmarks, Tests, and SIMD
During this stream, I was learning about BenchmarkDotNet and XUnit, to help analyze TwoStickOneSquare.  During the end, I also began having my first look at SIMD - Still much to learn, but I'm stoked to get more into it!

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